About digitalCZprint


Digital Fabric Printing

Changzheng is a custom textile printing manufacturer you can trust to work with you through every step of the product design process, giving you high quality digitally printed fabric tailored to your end result.  We have the expertise needed to produce printed fabrics with quick turnaround times, low minimums, and the highest quality available.  Our specialties are customized prototypes and short run production on silk, nylon, and polyester fabric options.

We're the design team behind the scenes for over 400 active ongoing accounts, ranging in markets from apparel, costume, accessories, interiors and arts restoration. We aim to be an integral part of your design development process, helping you bring your creative ideas to life onto printed fabric.  Your success is our success!


Digital fabric printing has been around for over a decade, and so have we. We've been elbow deep getting our hands dirty in product development and technological advances with the digital printing world since our company started in 2001. We are made up of a small team of artists, designers and entrepreneurs with expert knowledge spanning color, graphics, textiles, surface design, and both digital and rotary printing/manufacturing for soft goods products.We have learned many new things about digital fabric printing and product development over the years and continue to explore them by using creativity and technology.  We can take your idea from concept to cloth, seamlessly.

Your success is our success!